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CANopen Master Protocol Stack

The CANopen master protocol stack offers a variety of configuration options and forms the basis for controlling and monitoring complex CANopen networks. The CANopen master protocol stack provides the complete functionality for integration of the CANopen standards CiA 301, CiA 302 and CiA305 into control systems. Implementation supports the following CANopen services:

  • Service Data Objects (SDOs), Client and Server
  • Process Data Objects (PDOs)
  • Network Management (NMT)
  • Emergency Messages (EMCY)
  • Sychronization Messages (SYNC)
  • Layer Setting Services (LSS)


All services can be parameterized during runtime via the application or via the local object dictionary. You may extend the local object dictionary according to your specific purposes.

Versatile configuration options allow individual customization to the target system. In addition to the maximum number of supported PDOs, you may also adjust the number of SDO–client connections as well as multichannel support, thus adapting the use of resources (RAM/ROM) in an optimum way to the target application prerequisites.

Example codes facilitate the startup phase, enabling the user to focus on the implementation of their own application. A consistent driver interface provides the flexibility to use any CAN controller available on the market.


The option Safety provides an implementation of the European standard EN 50325-5 featuring the following functions:

  • max. 64 SRDOs (SR Data Object)
  • global fail-safe command
  • Expansion of the CANopen Master APIs



The CANopen Master protocol stack comprises the following services and protocols of the CANopen® specifications:

  • CANopen services according to CiA 301
  • network management in compliance with CiA 302
  • layer setting services according to CiA 305
  • multichannel support (1 .. 250 CAN channels)
  • number of client SDOs individuallyadjustable (1 .. 127)
  • number of PDOs individually adjustable (0 .. 512 RPDO / TPDO)
  • local object dictionary (expandable)
  • optional CANopen Safety Add-on available
  • broad range of supported CAN controllers (CANpie)


Scope of delivery

The CANopen Master protocol stack will come as ANSI-C source code with a user manual in English (electronic and printed version). The scope of delivery also contains:

  • site-related company licence, no additional runtime costs
  • 12 months technical support by email or telephone
  • ready-to-run examples for various demo boards

Supplementary services

As a supplement to our CANopen master protocol stack we provide CANopen workshops, software tools as well as technical advice and support in the Development of your individual CANopen devices. The maintenance and support period may be expanded if desired.

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Ordering information

Order Number 


50.02.003 CANopen Master protocol stack
Protocol stack as source code, extensive example programs as well as a documentation in english language, provided by download link
50.02.031 Option Safety for CANopen Master protocol stack
Functional expansion of the API of the CANopen Master protocol stack according to European standard EN50325-5 CANpie driver
API for a broad range of microcontrollers

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