16 x Analogue IN

CANopen 19″-Slide-in
Module for Voltage Measurement


MicroControl I/O module 19"-slide-in 16-channel analogue input voltage
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Equipped with CAN or CANopen interfaces and a 19″ slide-in casing, the MicroControl µLAB is particulary suitable for measuring electric, thermal and mechanic signals in engine or components testing facilities. The signal wires are connected to the module by plug-in connectors in the front plate.

MicroControl I/O module 19"-slide-in 16-channel analogue input open casing

µLAB.16.ai-19″: Data acquisition in a 19″ slide-in module


  • Voltage +/- 10 V
  • Accuracy 0.01% (FS)
  • Resolution 16-bit (1 µA)
  • Sampling rate 5ms / 200 Hz
  • Galvanically isolated fieldbus
  • Operating temperatures -40…+85 °C
  • Supply voltage 9…36 V DC
  • Connection via circular plug-in connectors
  • Fieldbus CAN
  • Protocol CANopen / Raw CAN

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µLAB.16.ai-19" / voltage

19" Slide-in for acquition of 16 analogue signals +/-10 V (input impedance approx. 500k Ohm) with CANopen, signal acquisition via circular plug-in connectors, 24V DC supply via Combicon 5-pole connector, CAN connection via 2 x M12 Binder socket/plug, 19" Slide-in ( incl. front plate without handles, fuse T2.5A for M12 socket/plug, factory calibration


Datasheet µLAB.16.ai-19″
16-channel analogue input voltage
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MicroControl Flyer I/O Modules
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