4 x Pressure IN

4 x Pressure IN
4-channel strain gauge measurement


MicroControl I/O module F1, 4-channel analogue input Raw CAN straing gauge full bridges
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The µCAN.4.sg-F1 is the universal measurement module for the acquisition of analogue standard signals. The module is equipped to measure strain gauge full brigde signals in four-wire technology at an adjustable sample rate of up to 1 kHz per input (4 kHz overall sample rate). The bridge is excited directly from the module with a ratiometric measurement.

Modul µCAN.4.ai-F1 mobile Datenerfassung MicroControl

Strain gauge full bridge measurement: µCAN.4.sg-F1


  • 4-wire technology
  • Strain gauge full bridge, R > 350 Ohm
  • Strain gauge excitation 4.096V / ratiometric
  • Sample rate max. 1 kHz per input
  • CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B / RawCAN
  • free software configuration tool
  • IP65-rated aluminium casing
  • bi-colour LED for error indication
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Fieldbus CAN
  • Protocol Raw CAN

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4-channel force signal acquisition module with CANopen, 5V DC sensor supply, 16 bit resolution, signal connector Lemo K series receptacle, Power / CAN signal via Lemo B series receptacle, includes connecting element for stacking of several F1-modules.

Foot / connecting element for F1 module series
F1/F1 connector (CAN + Power), length 140mm, Lemo B series connectors ( male ) at both ends
F1 terminal resistor for CANbus with Lemo connector
F1 connecting cable (CAN + Power), length 2m with Lemo connector / SUB-D connector 9 poles, bare connector end for power supply
F1 connecting cable (CAN + Power), length 2m with Lemo connector / bare connector end
Sensor connector, Lemo K series FGG.0K.306.CLAC50, 6 poles, solder contacts, water tight
Power + CAN plug, Lemo F series FGN.0F.305.XLC, 5 poles, solder contacts, water tight


Datasheet µCAN.4.sg-F1
4-channel analogue input strain gauge
PDF [722 KB]

Manual µCAN.4.sg-F1
4-channel analogue input strain gauge
PDF [744 KB]

F1 Installer
Version v1r10
exe [17.6 MB]

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