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Agricultural machinery –
from tough test operation to prototyping.

Varying ambient temperatures from cold winters to summer heat, resistance against environmental influence, such as shock or vibration – these are the main requirements for agricultural technology. Before these vehicles go into series production, they are thoroughly tested in extreme conditions – day and night. In tough test applications, the CAN bus technology from MicroControl ensures reliable data transfer between vehicle components and the testing facility.



temperature range



MicroControl solutions are ideal for

  • harvesters
  • forestry equipment
  • combine harvesters
  • corn choppers
  • farm machines
  • test facilities
  • tractors
  • trucks

Customer and application specific solutions

Especially in trial operation and in the subsequent prototyping, technical components have to be highly flexible and adaptive. Whether the CAN modules are to be integrated in a custom casing or application-specific connectors are needed – the MicroControl expertise in the development of hard- and software provides the optimum solution to fulfil challenging tasks effectively, as MicroControl technology features flexibility and ruggedness. Through the development process, the CAN bus technology constantly improves – from the testing phase and prototyping through to the pilot series.

Application Example

combine harvesters

Typical applications for MicroControl products:

  • Level monitoring in grain elevators

Application Example

Forestry equipment

Typical applications for MicroControl products:

  • Acquisition of oil temperature in a motor

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