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Research –
reliability in extreme conditions.

From Antarctica to underground ring accelerators or field trials in biodiversity – MicroControl solutions reliably work in long-term trial settings of renowned institutes, universities and research companies. The high performance reserves of MC systems provide maximum reliability in all kinds of conditions. To achieve the best results the MicroControl experts assist researchers all over the world to find the most suitable solution.



Wide temperature range

High safety margins

Comprehensive advisory service

MicroControl solutions are ideal for

  • Outdoor application
  • Long-term studies
  • Arctic as well as African environmental conditions
  • Mobile as well as stationary applications
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • From outdoors to indoors applications

Reliable measurement, controlling and monitoring.

In research, MicroControl systems are highly individual solutions with unique features which provide reliable measurement and communication results in harsh environments without the need to be tested in the laboratory. MicroControl perfectly matches sound advice, close customer liaison, goal-oriented hard- and software development as well as manufacturing and service.

Application Example

Field trials on biodiversity

Typical applications for MicroControl products:

  • Measurement of rainfall
  • Investigation of soil quality
  • Determination of level of nutrients in soil
  • Long-term temperature measurement

Application Example

Antarctic research station on columns

Typical applications for MicroControl products:

  • Acquisition of a wide temperature range
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Long-term studies
  • Acquisition of shifts in a building

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