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MicroControl now offers a software package with versatile additional benefits – the new CANpie FD Server. All kinds of system conditions can be simulated before the final set-up of the system and cost-intensive “surprises” are avoided. The CANpie FD Server opens new dimensions. This standard feature is included in our software products without additional costs.

Virtual software design

  • Comprehensive simulation options for all PC operating systems (Win, Linux, OSx)
  • Virtualization of development environments (software can be developed and CAN hardware can be simulated on the PC)
  • Error frames, further CAN node in the network, virtual CAN networks, time stamps on CAN messages.
  • Currently, drivers (plugins) for USB/CAN converters of PEAK and HMS are available.
  • The fully developed software can be ported easily

To complement the Microcontrol product portfolio, we also offer CANopen workshops, software tools as well as technical advice and support in the development of your CANopen device.

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