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Introduction to CANopen

CANopen has been developed by the members of the international user and producer assosiation CAN in Automation (CiA). The CANopen application layer defines different communication services and protocols (e.g. process and service data) as well as a network management.

CANopen is mainly used as an embedded network in machinery, but also as a general industrial communications system. It is based on the international standards ISO 11898-1 (CAN protocol) and ISO 11898-2 (fast physical layer). The CANopen application layer has been standardized by the CENELEC and is defined in the European standard EN 50325-4.

Application Notes

The introduction to CANopen describes the basic communication mechanisms and the use of identifiers.
(PDF format, 367 KByte, in German – English in preparation)
The introduction into the CANopen Device profile for Sensors and Actuators (CiA 404) explains the structure and the distinctive features of this profile.
(PDF format, 60 KByte, in German)

The technical description Identifier Usage in CANopen Networks is a detailed explanation of the use of identifiers in CANopen. (PDF format, 310 KByte, in English).

Application Note AN1203 describes the adjustment of cyclic PDO and the Autostart function. (PDF format, 280 KByte, in English).

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