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CAN bus

CAN specifications of Bosch – inventor of the CAN bus technology – form the basis of all CAN implementations and comprise both 2.0A (standard frames) and 2.0B (extended frames) standards.


CAN FD (CAN Flexible Data Rate) is an expasion of the %22classical%22 CAN bus (Classical CAN) and is defined by the standard ISO 11898-1:2015.


CANopen has been developed by the members of the international user and producer assosiation CAN in Automation (CiA). The CANopen application layer defines different communication services and protocols (e.g. process and service data) as well as a network management.


Linux is an open operating system. The term %22Linux%22 actually refers to the Kernel of a unix-related operating systemes (derivative). Linux is freely available, i.e. the sources are open and the systems may easily be adapted to the individual application.

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