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Sensor technology –
fast, precise and reliable analogue to digital conversion.

Sensors are the sensory organs of technical equipment and important components in all areas of automation. Temperatures, pressures, movement and a variety of other analogue values are detected, converted and digitally transmitted to the higher level field system. MicroControl systems are ideally suited for these applications. Up to 10 times faster and a significantly higher data throughput, 16…24 bit resolution for higher accuracy, wide temperature range and high IP ranking provide higher operating reliability, e.g. in food technology or chemical industry.


Rugged IP67 ranked design

Enhanced temperature range

High data resolution

Fast data throughput

MicroControl solutions are ideal for

  • Automation
  • Strain gauge force measurement
  • Rotary sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Inclinometers
  • Process automation

TRS transmitters link analogue sensors to the CAN bus.

The TRS components are integrated in the measurement lines connecting the analogue sensor technology and the digital CAN world. Due to its miniaturized electronics the modules can connect a variety of different sensors and strain gauge components to the CAN bus.

This means: TRS components convert analogue sensors into modern digital units.

Application Example

Temperature sensor

Typical applications for MicroControl products:

  • PCB in the sensor
  • digital interface on the spot
  • to be calibrated easily
  • in customized casing (to form a CAN bus compatible sensor)

Application Example

Pressure sensor

Typical applications for MicroControl products:

  • Pressure acquisition via characteristic curves
  • compact design
  • Integration options in the sensor

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