CAN bus integration of sensors

For customers looking for an OEM solution as a link between analogue sensor technology and digital CAN networks, the µCAN sensor family is the most suitable product. Their miniaturized electronics allow connection of a wide range of sensors and can be integrated into customized casings. All modules are equipped with a high-speed CAN interface supporting CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B. This includes the layer-7 protocols CANopen, CANopen FD, J1939 and a multitude of manufacturer-specific variants.

In addition to the extension of the classic “CAN” and the higher resolutions enabled by CAN FD, the new OEM board features improved performance data with a sampling rate of up to 1 kHz.

The modules are available in individual board designs for implementation directly on the sensor. The electronics are integrated in the sensor casing to form a closed unit. Short cable runs and the joint adjustment of electronics and sensor result in a higher accuracy than directly mounted solutions can achieve.

The miniaturized boards are available as  1- or 2-channel module for integration in the sensor.


Sensor board with EURO coin
Logo CANopen
Logo CANopen FD
Logo J1939
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Measurement curve

Variants and Features

Signal type

  • 1 or 2-channel module
  • Analogue inputs ± 10 V, 0(4)…20 mA
  • Analogue inputs strain gauge
  • Temperature acquisition thermocouples
  • Temperature acquisition Pt100, Pt1000
  • Digital input
  • Sampling rate up to 1 kHz
  • Resolution 16-bit


  • Sensor
  • Minimized size
  • Compact design
  • PCB
  • Connection by through-hole-technology (THT) in a 2.54 mm grid
  • CE marking


  • Fieldbus CAN classic / CAN FD
  • Protocol CANopen / CANopen FD
  • Protocol J1939
  • Setting of module ID via LSS


To be integrated in the sensor

The modules are available in individual PCB designs to facilitate integration directly in the sensor. The perfect match of the electronics and the sensor provides a higher accuracy.

Highspeed CAN interface

The modules are equipped with a highspeed CAN interface supporting CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B, as well as the layer-7 protocols such CANopen, J1939 and a variety of customer specific protocols (Raw CAN).


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