Intuitive, fast, secure programming with graphic user interface

By using Node-RED in combination with the µMIC.200 we created a reliable control unit which is ideally suited for industrial applications at a favorable price-performance ratio. Easy to use. Node-RED does not require any additional software installation – the unit is programmed via web browser.

Logo Node-RED


  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Quick results for prompt application
  • Easy and quick connection to IoT cloud services / Industry 4.0
  • Open source software
  • Originally developed by IBM
  • Lead by a non-proprietary user organization
  • world-wide references

Flow in Node-RED

The following example illustrates a temperature monitoring application. In a flow – which is comparable to a signal flow diagram – so-called nodes connect the inputs to the outputs. Within a flow operations and links can be combined as desired.

Imange of an example flow of a 4-channel temperature module

Example of a flow in Node-RED

Function Block

Function blocks can execute Node.js code and also native C/C++ code within the flow.

Screenshot of a functions block within a flow

Function block with in a flow in Node.js


The application is visualized in a dashboard which users can individualize according to their needs.

Example dashboard 4-channel temperature in Node-RED

Dashboard visualization in Node-RED


Quickstart Node-RED
PDF [270 KB]

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