programming option for demanding specifications

You want to program the control unit µMIC.200 in C/C++? Getting started is easy using the freely available Virtual Machine. All the necessary tools, such as editor, compiler, debugger, ssh shell are included in one single program. Based on the Ubuntu 18.04 distribution you can adopt the development environment to your requirements. Code examples for the µMIC.200 in C/C++ are located on the Virtual Machine as well as on Github.

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The real-time Linux operating system facilitates flexible development of applications software. The µMIC.200 may be connected to any PC or Notebook through its integrated Ethernet interface. Due to its secure Linux-Kernel and VPN function (virtual private network) programmers may access the µMIC.200 from everywhere without further investments.


Virtual Machine 2.04.00
Ubuntu mit C/C++ Cross Compiler
[5 .2 GB]

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