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J1939 Intensive Workshop

The SAE J1939 standard (Serial Control and Communications Heavy Duity Vehicle Network) has originally been designed by SAE International to be used in heavy duty vehicles. In the meantime, the protocol has been is widely used also in agricultural machinery, rail vehicles and sea vessels and in a wide range of diesel-driven machinery.

The target group of the J1939 intesive workshop is software designers who are looking for a quick start into handling the communications profile or would like to gain insight to the J1939 protocol stack.

Contents of the J1939 intensive workshop

  • Overview of J1939 specifications
  • Contrast ISO bus and NMEA2000
  • Physical layer (J1939-1x)
  • Data link layer & protocols (J1939-21)
  • Parameter groups (PG)
  • Application layer (J1939-71)
  • Diagnosis (J1939-73)
  • Network management (J1939-81)
  • System design
  • Analysis and trouble shooting
  • Sample applications

During the workshop the protocols are simulated with a motor ECU, implementation of a customer hardware in a J1939 network is possible upon request.

Skills needed

To take part in this workshop a good command of the CAN bus basics is needed. This workshop will consolidate and further develop the contents of CAN Basics.


The materials used in the J1939 intensive workshop will be provided in a ring binder.


The workshops offers learing in small groups at fixed dates in our Troisdorf training center – conveniently situated near Cologne.


Workshop schedule

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Individual workshops

We would be delighted to arrange individual in-house trainings for your company, tailored to your specific requirements and level of knowledge.

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