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Protocol stacks

Developers and engineers find protocol stacks helpful when defining interfaces. And field tested software of MicroControl provides even more advantages:

This is why MicroControl‘s protocol stacks are the perfect choice:


  • They are most reliable.
    As our customer you will make use of MicroControl’s leading-edge protocol stack. For more than 20 years, MicroControl has actively been working in user organizations. MicroControl's knowledge aboout basics and trends will give our customers the added value of security. MicroControl's presence and expertise in the BUS market guarantee central availability of protocol stacks for all current BUS systems.

  • They are faster.
    Our customizable software components are based on standard elements and sustainably improve transparency and effectivity. Precious time will be saved which will speed up development and production processes and, hence, product placement.

  • They are more economical.
    MicroControl‘s protocol stacks set free valuable resources. They save time for information and training, reduce sources of errors and facilitate functional control and performance.

  • They are optimized for:
    - low resource consumption (RAM/Flash)
    - quick and easy integration
    - various development environments (IDEs)
    - requirements of software engineers

CAN FD (flexible data-rate)

CAN protocol stacks of MicroControl are now equipped with CANpie FD (CAN Programming Interface Environment for flexible data rates). This standardized driver interface facilitates integration of various controllers. Migration from CANopen Classic to CANopen FD is possible at any time and only up to your entreprenuerial decision. Long-term efficiency of this new generation of protocol stacks is a standard feature and Industry 4.0 requirements are met at the same time.

The modular structure facilitates adjustment of the protocol stack to tasks and environments in an ideal way. A variety of different hardware platforms may be integrated. The system may easily be extended by adding further drivers and new hardware components.

image of modular structure of protocol stacks using Lego bricks

By the way: users of MicroControl's protocol stacks will benefit from a 12 months free of charge support. A subsequent, optional maintenance agreement will contain automatic updates.

Customers of MicroControl will benefit from a cost-saving company license (in contrast to widely-used runtime licenses). We would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information.

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Logo CANopen

Numerous companies worldwide benefit from our CANopen protocol stacks. The CANopen protocol stacks have been developed to combine both low storage requirements and an optimized performance range. We offer the solution for various needs: our CANopen Master for complex control systems, CANopen Slave for the development of intelligent sensors and actuators and CANopen Bootloader for programming via the CAN interface. The functionality of the protocol stack is verified through the conformance test tool of CiA.

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Logo J1939

The J1939 source code comprises the complete functionality for the integration of the J1939 standards into your own devices. Easy setting options facilitate convenient adjustment to a target product. Optional add-ons allow creation of ECUs for ISOBUS or NMEA2000 applications. The Address Claiming protocol is supported completely.

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Logo EtherCAT

Our EtherCAT slave equipped with full-range CoE functionaltiy has been developed on the code base of our well-established CANopen slave protocol stack. Via a defined interface the EtherCAT slave controller (ESC) can be connected to any microcontroller device. The CoE object directory can be enhanced by device profiles. The CoE implementation supports SDO information protocol as well as variable PDO assignment and mapping.

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Our PROFINET device stack has been designed for cyclic interchange of process data with a controller. Flexible implementation of slots, subslots, indices and cyclic process data facilitate quick and easy connection of different devices. The stack is „ready-to-use“ for one class A 1-port device. To simplify certification of the final product we use the current PROFINET IO tester to perform pre-certifications in the process.


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