MicroControl SNAP modules on top-hat rail with CANopen, precision for control cabinets

µCAN-SNAP Family with CANopen – Solutions for Control Cabinets

High-Speed CAN- or EtherCAT-interface on board

The decentralized modules of the SNAP series connect your sensors and actuators to form a digital CAN network. Its compact structure, highly efficient electronics and versatile functionality serve a wide range of applications.


All modules are equipped with a highspeed CAN or EtherCAT interface.


The CAN interface supports CAN 2.0A as well as CAN 2.0B, which serve the layer-7 protocols CANopen, J1939 and a variety of manufacturer-specific variants.

Designed for the DIN rail

With its 22,5 mm in breadth the SNAP-series casing is designed to meet the requirements of modern industrial applications regarding small size, low weight and functional structure.

SNAP modules are designed to be mounted on a TS35 rail system. An optional back plane bus facilitates connection of the I/O modules of the SNAP series to the process.

Integrated bus / voltage connection for serial connection of SNAP modules.
MicroControl rail modules SNAP view backplane BUS connector
DIP switches for easy handling, more safety and reliability.
MicroControl top hat rail modules with DIP switches for more safety

Versatile connective options

The µCAN-SNAP series can be used to interconnect a variety of sensors and actuators:

  • analogue inputs 0..20 mA, 0..10 V
  • analogue outputs 0..20 mA, 0..10 V
  • sensor inputs for Pt100 .. Pt1000, thermocouples, strain gauges
  • digital inputs
  • digital outputs
  • PWM outputs
  • fast counters and frequency measurement

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