MicroControl OEM modules without transmitter casing

The Link between Analogue Sensors and CAN Networks

Electronics brings your sensor to CAN bus

The MicroControl µCAN sensor family will be the ideal product for customers who look for an OEM solution to link their analogue sensors to a digital CAN network. Its highly efficient and miniaturized electronics facilitates connection of almost any kind of sensor to CAN systems and can easily be integrated in customized casings.


The modules are equipped with a highspeed CAN interface supporting CAN 2.0A as well as CAN 2.0B. Higher layer protocols such as CANopen, DeviceNet and a wide range of customer specific protocols are supported.

To be integrated in the sensor

The modules are available in individual PCB designs to facilite integration directly in the sensor to form a closed unit. This way, electronics and sensor are perfectly matched to achieve excellent accuracy.


MicroControl OEM sensor PCB close-up view
  • smallest dimensions
  • high processing power
  • customer-specific solutions
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