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Current Developments in CAN bus, CANopen and Linux-based Technology

MicroControl is member of the CAN user organization

CAN bus

CAN specifications of Bosch - inventor of the CAN bus technology - form the basis of all CAN implementations and comprise both 2.0A (standard frames) and 2.0B (extended frames) standards. You will find a variaty of valuable information at


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CANopen has been developed by the members of the international user and producer assosiation CAN in Automation (CiA). The CANopen application layer defines different communication services and protocols (e. g. process and service data) as well as a network management.


CANopen is mainly used in machines as an embedded network but also as a general industrial communication system. It is based on the international standards ISO 11898-1 (CAN protocol) and ISO 11898-2 (fast physical transmission layer). The CANopen application layer has been defined as standard EN 50325-4 by CENELEC.


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Linux is an open operating system. The term 'Linux' actually refers to the Kernel of a unix-related operating systemes (derivative). In addition to operating system immanent programmes, e.g. for file and user administration, graphic frontends, office applications, multimedia tools, databases, web browser and other programme are covered. Linux is freely available, i.e. the sourcen are open and the systems may easily be adapted to the individual application. And Linux is manufacturer independent.


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