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The 8 terminals of the µCAN.8.dio-BOX may individually be set to act as digital inputs or digital outputs. The module preprocesses and filters the digital signals. Its CAN interface supports the protocols CANopen, CANopen FD and J1939.

Digital inputs or outputs: µCAN.8.dio-BOX


  • Digital input or output
  • Galvanically isolated fieldbus
  • Input or output freely configurable
  • Max. Charge per output 1 A
  • Separate supply of output drivers
  • Current measurement per output
  • Status indicator for each input / output
  • Protected against mechanical stress
  • Fieldbus CAN / CAN FD
  • Protocol CANopen / CANopen FD
  • Protocol J1939 / CAN RAW

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8-channel digital input / output module with CANopen / CANopen FD / J1939, galvanic isolation of the CAN bus, designed for metric cable connectors. Signal wiring via spring-cage connectors.

Metric cable connection kit for 8-channel fieldmodules


Datasheet µCAN.8.dio-BOX
8-channel digital I/O input or output
PDF [190 KB]
Manual µCAN.8.dio-BOX
8-channal digital I/O input or output
PDF [0 .9 MB]
CANopen EDS file
EDS [20 KB]

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