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The µCAN.4.ci-BOX is equipped with 4 fast counters of up to 100 kHz. The CAN module acquires and processes the binary pulses and transmits them to a higher-level system

µCAN.4.ci-BOX: pulse counting and frequecy measurement


  • Counter input / frequency measurement
  • A/B signal
  • Max. input frequency 500 kHz
  • Galvanically isolated fieldbus
  • High precision frequency measurement
  • Signal type freely configurable
  • Up or down counter
  • Protected against mechanical stress
  • Fieldbus CAN
  • Protocol CANopen / CAN RAW

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4-channel counter module with CANopen, designed for metric cable connectors. Signal wiring via screw terminals.

Metric cable connection kit for 4-channel fieldmodules


Datenblatt µCAN.4.ci-BOX
4-Kanal Digital I/O Zählereingang
PDF [191 KB]

Manual µCAN.4.ci-BOX
4-channel digital I/O counter input
PDF [3 MB]

CANopen EDS file
EDS [33 KB]

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