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CAN Basics - Intensive Workshop

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a network concept that has been developed for the automotive industry originally. Nowadays CAN is especially used in networking industrial control systems, sensors and actuators based on the field bus technology.


Our one-day workshop CAN basics outlines the features of a CAN-bus system and the protocol structure. The participants will learn the theory of hardware and software design and improve their knowledge in practical units. This workshop forms the basis for our advanced-level workshops on CANopen and J1939.

Contents of the workshop

  • Differentiation from other field bus systems
  • Bus physics (cable lengths / levels / driver components)
  • CAN protocol (data frames / bus access)
  • Introduction to CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Features of different CAN components
  • Measuring CAN signals
  • Analysis of CAN networks

We would be delighted to arrange individual in-house trainings for your company, tailored to your specific requirements and level of knowledge.


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