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Hardware Featuring good Testability, safe EMC Behaviour and efficient Manufacturing

MicroControl uses the Altium Designer CAD system

MicroControl places particular emphasis on customer satisfaction: The final product has to feature good testability, best EMC behaviour and a highly efficient manufacturability.

And we do not leave anything to chance: Circuits and layout of microprocessor components and analogue circuits are designed using the Altium Designer CAD system. During the entire development process the applicable standards of EMC, mechanical engineering and climate protection are observed.

ARM Microcontrollers

The MicroControl engineers have a profound knowledge of microcontroller architectures, from  ARM7 to the Cortex-family. As official STMicroelectronics MCU Design Consultant we have a wide experience of STM32 design.

Design of microcontroller components
Design of microcontroller components
STM32 Development
ARM microcontroller STM32-F4 series
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