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Customized Hard- and Software Solutions

Bespoke development and manufacturing services

MicroControl designs and manufactures customized integrated hardware and software solutions which will offer sustainable and uncompromising solutions to your specific problems.

If off-the-shelf solutions do not comply with your requirements and cannot solve your specifc problems, that is where MicroControl comes in offering application-specific hard- and software solutions which may economically be realized by modifying existing solutions where possible.


Concentrated knowledge, our own experienced team, state-of-the-art development tools - this is the basis of individual, customer-specific development of efficient hardware and flexible software. MicroControl is your partner in embedded systems. Task and requirements oriented MicroControl will be your long-term partner in development, manufacturing and service. We use REDMINE project management software for reliable project configuration.


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More safety in hot environments

Decentralized technology, CAN interface, compact structure, outstanding temperature range. These MicroControl features seemed promising to a manufacturer of fire fighting systems. Targeted improvement of customer-specific developments and MicroControl know-how were combined to form an unique fire fighting system which acquires analogue signals to process them within a purpose-built digital fire detection control system. MicroControl take pride in having developed and manufactured the hard- and firmware.



Picture of a big fire and fire fighters in operation

More precision in deep sea

Precise, reliable valve monitoring in deep sea locations? Thanks to MicroControl, offshore oil and gas drilling has got one problem less. From now on, valves may be controlled and monitored reliably in extreme deep sea environments. The electronic components of the valves are up to 70% smaller than standard components and are equipped with digital deep sea interface and specific software to acquire analogue signals of a linear length sensor. MicroControl is responsible for design, development and series production of the components, as well as training and standard-compliant documentation.

Picture of an offshore oil rig

More diversity in smallest dimensions

Simulations are an essential part of design and development of complex automotive and transport technology. Today, high-quality land, sea and air systems cannot be developed without simultaneously simulating prospective operating conditions. Prerequisite: Realistic operating conditions. Acquisition and processing of a wide range of signals in its most compact form. Acquisition and output of a variety of analogue and digital signals. A MicroControl solution will pack all signals onto a single card-sized PCB. In the meantime, series production has started.

Pictue of a simulations facility in a factory
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