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From the Idea to Prototyping to Series Production and Evolution

MicroControl plans, develops and manufactures individual solutions

MicroControl has more than 20 years of experience in ICA, Bus communication and control technologies. From a variety of different projects we are well aware of the importance of communication and cooperation between all persons involved in the project to realize the best solution in due time.

To realize a project, MicroControl follows these logical steps:

  • Definition of a detailed list of technical specifications in close liaison with the customer
  • Submission of a fixed price and deadlines for development and manufacturing of the series product
  • Delivery of prototypes to the customer


After product release by the customer, the modules will go into series production. I a non-conformity with the customer's requirements or any other error is detected, MicroControl will re-design the product wothout additional costs for the customer to provide the best solution.

In any case, we employ a transparent budget cotnrol during all phases of development and production.


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Flow chart project management engineering services from MicroControl

Reliable series production and guaranteed availability

MicroControl‘s philosophy provides the perfect basis for quality, timely
development and stability of costs. This is possible due to close liaison with suppliers who have been cooperating reliably with MicroControl for a long time.


And this will guarantee timely delivery. To avoid delivery bottlenecks we will build up stocks of the necessary components and systems.


By long-term ordering of components and a consistent "COP" strategy we ensure favourable prices which our customers will, of course, benefit from. And we guarantee long-term availability (>10 years) of standard and customized modules at fixed prices.



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