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Conceptual Design, Development and Series Production of Individual Solutions

The expertise acquired in more than 20 years of successful presence in the market and a firm commitment to ICA, BUS and control technologies consistently affirm the MicroControl philosophy:

Conceptional design in close liaison with the customer and monitoring
of self-developed solutions from prototyping to development and start
of series production will provide maximum security, maximum performance,
maximum benefit - and a desirable „more“ compared with
standard industrial solutions.

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Flow chart project management engineering services from MicroControl

Series Production:

MicroControl‘s philosophy provides the perfect basis for quality, timely
development and stability of costs:


  • close cooperation with suppliers, who have been working reliably
    with us for years
  • adherence to production deadlines - if material shortages are to be
    expected, components will be stocked
  • long-term ordering of components AND a consistent „COP“ strategy
    will ensure favourable prices which our customers will benefit from
  • long-term availability (>10 years) of standard and customized modules at the known prices providing full cost control

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