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4-channel Analogue Output Voltage / Current with CANopen - µ

The decentralized module µ features four analogue outputs which optionally provide a voltage signal (±10V) or a current signal (0-20mA). The digital process value is scaled to an analogue output signal in a rugged aluminium die cast casing. The CAN interface supports CANopen and J1939 protocols.


Due to its rugged casing in protection class IP66 the µ is ideally suited for field use. The analogue signals are transmitted a short distance to the sink, thus avoiding errors of the analogue signals. Via the CAN interface the module can completely be configured and the analogue variables are output.

  • 4 independent analogue outputs
  • Precise 16-bit D/A converter
  • Standard signals ±10V, 0-20mA and 4-20mA
  • Accuracy voltage output: 1mV
  • Accuracy current output: 1µA
  • Indication of device state via 2 LEDs
  • Extended ambient temperature range of -40°C...+85°C


Up to four analogue signals may be output, the signal type (voltage / current) is parameterized via CAN bus.

  • Voltage: - 10V .. +10V
  • Current: 0 .. 20 mA
  • Current: 4 .. 20 mA


The digital output values are transmitted to the µ via CAN bus. The bit rate of the CAN bus interface may be adjusted within a range of 50 kBit/s to 1 MBit/s. A terminating resistor may be activated via a switch in the device. The CANopen protocol of the module complies with the CANopen standards CiA 301, CiA 305 and CiA 404. Both 11 bit identifiers (CAN 2.0A) and 29 bit identifiers (CAN 2.0B) may be used on the process data.

Individual solutions

We would be pleased to manufacture individual modules or connection facilities according to your specific needs or develop additional functionalities for our field modules. Please contact us!

You are looking for a device for control cabinets? Our µ module occupies only 22.5 mm on the DIN-rail.

µ precise analogue outputs
MicroControl I/O module µ
MicroControl BOX module with CANopen in IP66 open casing with DIP swithches
Logo CANopen
Measurement technology icon voltage
Measurement technology icon current


  • Datasheet Rev. GDatasheet µ Analogue output714 KB
  • Manualµ, manual 4 channel analogue output of current and voltage signals 1.3 MB
  • EDS fileCANopen EDS mcan4ao_box_v2r00.eds19.4 KB


Support: Any questions? Click here for the contact form or give us a call: +49 2241 256590

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12.42.004 µ
4-channel analogue output module with CANopen, 16-bit resolution, designed for metric cable glands, connection via screw terminals.
20.10.008 µ
Configuration tool for CANopen devices (free download).
90.01.114 Metric cable installation kit for 4-channel field modules.

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