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MicroControl Modules: Sophisticated Customizable Technology

Enhanced temperature range, higher resolution, broadened power supply range and higher IP rating

Decentralized acquisition of measurement values and conversion of analogue to digital data on the spot is safer and provides more performance and constructive leeway. MicroControl's sophisticated I/O modules are available as highly economical serial products or may be customized to your specific requirements as development, engineering, configuration and manufacturing are Made in Germany.


Definition of "Heavy Duty":
Temperature range
Supply voltage
Protection class
Industrial electronics               
0°C ..+50 °C
ca. 10 - 12 BIT
24 V + 10 %
IP 20

-40 °C ..+ 85 °C
> 16 – 24 BIT
9 - 36 V DC
> IP 65
Performance difference more noticeable in future:
processing power
power consumption
Industrial electronics               
100 %
100 %

approx. 150 %
approx. 70 %

We define future standards in high preformance industrial instrumentation

Block diagram of I/O modules

The consistent hardware platform

More efficient and faster due to ARM based controllers

• significantly higher processing power

- up to 40 % faster than conventional MicroControl modules

- up to 50 % faster than current industrial standard

• considerably reduced power consumption

- "GreenPower" means 50 % less power consumption of the CPU and increased performance which results in less heat emission and notably reduced requirements for air conditioning in control cabinets.

• controller architecture made for the future

- CAN FD ready - any time

- hard real time / interrupts in ns range

• cross-product developments and validations (e.g. EMC and environmental tasting) are more efficient, safer and to be realized faster.

10 Years guaranteed availability

The consistent software platform

More efficient and safer due to cross-product software platform

• individual customer specifications and adaptations can quickly be realized on all MicroControl modules

• improved system tests faciliate error detection and increase availability

• high processing power due to FPU/DSP

- customer specific future measurement procedures and evaluations to be realized easily

• new features

- dynamic PDO mapping

- buffered real time clock

- all modules equipped with standard CANopen Bootloader

Components of excellent quality provide outstanding process reliability. Our expertise in bus systems, our presence in the European core market Germany and, not least, our dedication to working in user organizations such as CiA (CAN in Automation), ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) and PNO (PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation) will give our customers a competitive edge in the market.

Examples of the BOX series of individual solutions

Individual solutions

The well-established MicroControl standard products provide reliable and easy to handle solutions in CAN bus and Ethernet applications. Based on our cutting-edge technology we also provide custom solutions exclusively designed to meet your specific requirements, as e.g. customized software functions, specific connecting requirements (such as M12 connectors) or additional features.

Aluminium die-cast
casing; 1 - 8 in-/outputs;
for challenging environmental

to the product

Narrow design, suitable for
control cabinets (DIN-rail);
1 - 8 in-/outputs

to the product

For mobile applications;
Lemo plug-in connectors

to the product

19“ slide-in modules;
for test benches

to the product

Stainless steel casing;
particularly compact design;
plug-in module; 1 input

to the product

Individual hard- and soft-
ware in classic OEM
specification which makes
sensors BUS-compatible.

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