MicroControl control unit with CAN and real time Linux
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µMIC.200 - to be programmed with Node-RED or in C/C++

Real-time Linux, Ethernet, CAN, USB plus individual electronic components in space-saving DIN rail metal casing

Compared with conventional mini control units MicroControl's µMIC.200 has a wider working temperature and supply voltage range and provides higher flexibility due to customizable electronics. With its rugged metal casing it is ideally suited to work reliably in harsh environments. And all that at very favourable conditions.

Easily programmable and flexible

The control unit can be programmed either with Node-RED or in C/C++. Have your choice and yet remain flexible and well equipped for the future. Your decision does not have to be for eternity - as your C/C++ libraries and applications can easily be integrated in Node-RED.



MicroControl control unit µMIC.200 with CAN and Ethernet

Node-RED - Intuitive, fast, secure programmiing with graphic user interface

Node-RED does not require any additional software installation - the unit is programmed via web browser.


Node-RED offers:

  • an intuitive graphic user interface
  • quick results for prompt application
  • no additional local software installation - simply use µMIC and start working
  • easy and quick connection to IoT cloud services / Industry 4.0



  • is an open source software
  • has originally been developed by IBM
  • today it is lead by a non-proprietary user organization
  • has world-wide references


By using Node-RED in combination with the µMIC.200 we created a reliable control unit which is ideally suited for industrial applications at a favorable price-performance ratio.


The following example illustrates a temperature monitoring application. In a flow - which is comparable to a signal flow diagram - so-called nodes connect the inputs to the outputs. Within a flow operations and links can be combined as desired.

Example of a flow in Node-RED
Node-RED Flow

Function blocks can execute Node.js code and also native C/C++ code within the flow.

Function block with in a flow in Node.js
Node-RED Code Snippet

The application is visualized in a dashboard which users can individualize according to their needs.

Dashboard visualization in Node-RED
Node-RED Dashboard
Node-RED Logo

Flow in Node-RED

Function block


C/C++ programming option for more demanding specifications

You want to programme the control unit µMIC.200 in C/C++? Getting started is easy using the freely available Eclipse IDE. All the necessary tools, such as editor, compilers, debuggers, ssh shell are integrated in one single programme.

Find example codes for the µMIC.200 in C/C++ at Github.


The real-time Linux operating system facilitates flexible development of applications software. The µMIC.200 may be connected to any PC or Notebook through its integrated Ethernet interface. Due to its secure Linux-Kernel and VPN function (virtual private network) programmers may access the µMIC.200 from everywhere without further investments.


First steps of how to set up your µMIC in C/C++ are explained in our MicroControl blog:



Icon VPN (virtual private network)
Icon Industry 4.0

Development Environment

Highly communicative

Geared towards Industry 4.0 the µMIC.200 is equipped with various digital communications interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN, USB and further serial interfaces. Additional peripherals (e.g. WLAN) may be connected via USB.


Our freely programmable Linux based control unit µMIC.200 is equipped with an ARM Controller which is clocked at a maximum of 1 GHz. The module provides 512 MByte RAM as well as 4 GByte Flash memory which may be extended via the microSD slot. The maximum power consumption of the modules is 4 Watts.

Versatile connectivity

Equipped with eight configurable digital in-/outputs, a relay, four freely controllable LEDs and a real-time clock the µMIC.200 may be used in a multitude of different applications. Digital signals, CAN bus and RS-232 are connected to the control unit via plug-in COMBICON® connectors. All I/O modules which are equipped with CANopen interface may be connected via the integrated CANopen FD Master Library.


MicroControl control unit µMIC.200 connected to I/O rail modules SNAP via CAN bus

Highly economical

The µMIC.200 can be expanded according to customer specifications and is easily adaptable to changing operating requirements. Its CPU board comprises all standard functions while the second board can be designed universally for series production or tailored to meet customer-specific needs.

Particulary compact

With its 62 mm casing suited for DIN rail mounting the µMIC.200 is about 25% smaller than conventional control units. This will leave more space for creativity and performance.

MicroControl control unit graphics of interfaces: CAN, LAN, USB, MicroSD, RS22, digital I/O.



Support: any questions? Click here for the contact form or give us a call:+49 2241 256590

Ordering information

Order Number


200.00.005 µMIC.200
Freely programmable control unit in metal casing for DIN-rail applications. This ARM based platform can be programmed with Node-RED or in C/C++.
99.99.010 µMIC.200 Starter kit
Contains: µMIC.200 control unit, mains adapter, CANopen I/O module, connecting cable, DVD

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