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Starter kit µMIC.200

Our starter kit facilitates a quick start into programming the control unit µMIC.200. Just unpack, get connected and start programming in C/C++.

Starter kit contents

  • control unit µMIC.200
  • mains adapter
  • CANopen I/O module
  • connecting cable
  • Quickstart
  • DVD with a complete development environment for C/C++

Since August 2016 we have been offering free-of-charge introductory µMIC workshops to those who are interested in the subject. In small groups participants may create their first projects on this control unit.

Picture of tool case starter kit µMIC.200
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Ordering information

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99.99.008 µMIC.200 Starter kit
Contains: µMIC.200 control unit, mains adapter, CANopen I/O module, connecting cable, DVD

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