MicroControl analogue module in robust IP66 BOX casing.
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Well-prepared for the Future of Automation

MicroControl solutions: excellence in precision, reliability and quality

MicroControl's philosophy is our commitment to the customers' needs and requirements in automation. MicroControl products offer tangible advantages and comprehensive added value for the customer even in CAN bus or Linux based future applications.

Precision: resolutions 16...24 bit

MicroControl modules feature a significantly higher resolution: our systems use 16...24 bit resolutions compared with the usual 10..12 bit resolution of common systems.

Reliability: 100 % Made in Germany

MicroControl products are 100% Made in Germany. Before delivery, we perform a 100% quality test of our products and the test equipment is subject to regular inspections of the German calibrations service (DKD).


Our competent team hold the relevant CCI certificates and have a wealth of experience from a variety of different applications.

High-quality: Components with performance buffer

MicroControl components meet the need for above average product life-times which ensures long-term reliability of our systems. Considering the changing requirements in automation all our modules are equipped with a performance buffer and consequently are well-prepared for the future.

Sophisticated: focussed on core competencies

MicroControl as a systems provider in automation technology focusses on its core competencies of development and realization. In close cooperation with our suppliers of components and renowned production facilities our modules are manufactured to meet the demand for high-quality, cutting-edge products, as e.g. the new Ball Grid Array (BGA) technique in the production of semi-conductors.


PCB in production process
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