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Intensive Workshops on BUS Technology

Exclusive choice of up-to-date, practice-related workshops

Benefit from MicroControl's know-how about CAN, CANopen, J1939 and EtherCAT  We offer intensive workshops on these specific subjects where you will discover the opportunities of bus technologies. Workshops are held in small groups and take place in Troisdorf which is conveniently situated in the Cologne area.


MicroControl's presence in the various BUS markets ensures relevant and up-to-date contents of the workshops.

CAN basics

Logo CAN

This intensive workshop CAN basics introduces you to the bus physics and the protocol structure of the field bus CAN (Controller Area Network) in theory and practice.

to CAN basics


Logo CANopen

This CANopen intensive workshop is a quick introduction to the CANopen communication profile CiA 301 and its device profiles for developers and users of CANopen devices.

to CANopen


Logo J1939

This J1939 intensive workshop provides an overview of CAN basics and gives participants more confidence in dealing with J1939 specifications.

to J1939


Logo EtherCAT

This EtherCAT intensive workshop is a quick introduction to the EtherCAT technology for developers and users of EtherCAT devices.

to EtherCAT

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