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PROFINET Device Protocol Stack

The PROFINET device protocol stack is designed for cyclic exchange of process data of an IO device with a controller. The protocol stack offers a platform-independent,stable and compliant solution for new or existing PROFINET devices.


Flexible extension of slots, subslots, indices and cyclic process data allow easy adaption to different device models. Incidents of the protocol stack are passed to the application by various callback functions.


In order to facilitate the certification process the PROFINET device protocol stack is constantly pre-certified with the actual PROFINET IO test software.


  • Implementation according to specification 2.3
  • Compliant with conformance class A (CC-A), standard for 1-port device
  • All services implemented according to IEC 61158 und IEC 61784
  • Cyclic real-time communication (Realtime Class 1) for process data
  • Non-cyclic RT communication for alarms
  • Flexible adaption and extension of Record Data Objects (Slot/Subslot/Index)
  • Simple extension of process data
  • One Application Relation (AR) for each controller / supervisor

Scope of delivery

  • PROFINET device protocol stack as ANSI-C source code
  • Ready-to-run examples for various evaluation boards
  • Manual in English (electronic and printed version)
  • Site-related company licence without royalties
  • 12 months technical support by eMail or phone

Supplementary services

As supplement to our PROFINET device protocol stack we provide PROFINET workshops as well as technical advice and support in the development phase of your device. The maintenance and support may be extended if desired.

PROFINET Device Demo under Ubuntu

Graphic depiction of the PROFINET Device protocol stack
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Protocol software in source code, detailed example programmes and documentation in English

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