Illustration of modular concept of protocol stacks

Simply switch over - from CAN Classic to CAN FD

MicroControl 3 columns illustration of how to switch over from CAN Classic to CAN FD

CAN FD (flexible data-rate)

CAN protocol stacks of MicroControl are now equipped with CANpie FD (CAN Programming Interface Environment, Flexible Data Rate). This standardized driver interface facilitates integration of various controllers.

Migration from CANopen Classic to CANopen FD is now possible at any time and only up to your entrepreneurial decision.

Long-term efficiency of this new generation of protocol stacks is a standard feature and Industry 4.0 requirements are met at the same time.


Benefit from new opportunities. You decide when to switch over. From CAN Classic to CAN FD. Fast, secure, reliable.


Learn more about our protocol stacks CANopen and J1939.

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