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8-channel pulse width output (PWM) - µCAN.8.pwm-BOX

The µCAN.8.pwm-BOX component at its 8 outputs provides pulse width modulated signals (PWM) within the range of 0% to 100% for controlling of actuators (valves etc.). The outlets are overload and short circuit protected. The µCAN.8.pwm-BOX is connected with the central control unit via the CAN bus.




  • 8 PWM outputs
  • outputs to be loaded up to 1.4A
  • protocol: CANopen CiA 401
  • indication of device status and errors by LEDs
  • 3-conductor plugs
  • output voltage 5 .. 50 V



Individual solutions

Our well-established standard products solve most problems in a reliable way. Moreover, we would be pleased to manufacture individual modules or connection facilities according to your specific needs or develop additional functionalities for our field modules. Please contact us! 

Your are looking for a solution for control cabinets? Our 8-channel module µCAN.8.pwm-SNAP occupies only 22.5 mm on a DIN-rail.

Output of PWM signals: µCAN.8.pwm-BOX
µCAN.8.pwm-BOX module: PWM signal output
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Ordering information

Order Number


12.87.005 µCAN.8.pwm-BOX / Low-Side-Driver
8-channel pulse width output module with CANopen, designed for metric cable glands, connection via spring-cage connectors, High-Side-Driver.
12.87.006 µCAN.8.pwm-BOX / High-Side-Driver
8-channel pulse width output module with CANopen, designed for metric cable glands. connection via spring-cage connectors, Low-Side-Driver.
20.10.008 µ
Configuration tool for CANopen devices.
90.01.115 Metric cable installation kit for 8-channel field modules.

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