Modules 19"- µLAB-series for industrial testing

The µLAB-series is designed for a wide range of industrial and experimental research and testing tasks. The system is highly suitable for measuring electric, thermal and mechanic values in research and engine test bench environments.


Measurement systems in standardized casings of 1 height unit are typically used in industrial test facilities. Systems in 19" technology offer high packing density, flexibility of connection equipment and may be linked with different operating and display terminals.



The modules are equipped with a highspeed CAN interface. Protocols such as CANopen, SAE J1939 and DeviceNet are supported.



The new standard in measurement technology is the EtherCAT (CoE) interface. Our modules are equipped with an EtherCAT In and Out connector.



Status information and self-diagnosis is displayed via LEDs during operation.



Signals are fed into the system by plug-in cable connections. Connectors will be suited according to customer specifications.

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