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µMIC.200 - Programmable according to IEC-61131-3 Standard

Working effectively across teams with logi.CAD 3

When it comes to IEC programming, MicroControl relies on the well-known engineering software logi.CAD 3 to realize a variety of control applications. The development platform is based on Eclipse and focusses on efficient and effective cross-team programming of control systems according to the IEC 61131-3 industrial standard, which facilitates reuse of solutions and know-how committed to previous projects, thus, significantly reducing development cycles.


The software logiCAD 3 was developed by logi.cals GmbH, an independent software provider who has been well-known for developing innovative engineering software and platforms for automation technology in Austria and Germany for almost 30 years. From proprietary embedded controllers to multicore industrial PCs, bespoke PLC solutions are efficiently realized according to IEC 61131-3 standards. For more information please visit


The control unit µMIC.200 is based on a Linux operating system and is logi.CAD programmable. In addition, it is equipped with an ARM Controller which is clocked at a maximum of 1 GHz. The module provides 512 MByte RAM as well as 4 GByte Flash memory which may be extended via the microSD slot. The maximum power consumption of the modules is 4 Watts.

Versatile connectivity

Equipped with eight configurable digital in-/outputs, a relay, four freely controllable LEDs and a real-time clock the µMIC.200 may be used in a multitude of different applications. Digital signals, CAN bus and RS-232 are connected to the control unit via plug-in COMBICON® connectors.

Highly economical

The µMIC.200 can be expanded according to customer specifications and is easily adaptable to changing operating requirements. Its CPU board comprises all standard functions while the second board can be designed universally for series production or tailored to meet customer-specific needs.

Particularly compact

With its 62 mm casing suited for DIN rail mounting the µMIC.200 is about 25% smaller than conventional control units. This will leave more space for creativity and performance.

µMIC.200 control system

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Development environment

logi.CAD 3


Ordering information

Order Number


200.50.001 µMIC.200-61131
Freely programmable controll unit for DIN-rail mounting in metal casing. This ARM based platform is programmed in IEC 61131-3.
99.99.009 µMIC.200 Starter kit / IEC 61131
Contains: µMIC.200 controll unit / IEC 61131, main adapter, CANopen I/O module, connecting cable, DVD

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