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14 Januar y2020

Plan your schedule 2020:

1-day intensive workshops CAN FD / CANopen and J1939

Picture of calender for MicroControl intensive workshops

11 November 2019

Debut at the SPS 2019:

Innovative control unit upgraded

Logo sps 2019

21 October 2019

Do you know our robust µCAN box modules in IP66? Or the slim variants for DIN rail applications?

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Picture of MicroControl µCAN BOX module in harsh environment, here in covered in dust and sand in a haul truck

24 September 2019

Quick and efficient - save time and nerves:

Intuitive programming of the µMIC.200 control unit with Node-RED

Node-RED Logo

16 August 2019

You are looking for simple and fast software design? MicroControl´s protocol stacks speed up software development.

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Illustration of MicroControl's modular structure, Lego bricks symbolizing MicroControl protocol stacks CANopen, CANopen FD, J1939

19 June 2019

Intensive workshops on CAN basics, CANopen, J1939 and EtherCAT - MicroControl's expertise for your company

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Image of blackboard symbolizing intensive workshops CAN, CANopen, J1939, EtherCAT

21 May 2019

Congratulations! MicroControl is proud to support the team "Matrix" of the Heinrich-Böll grammar school (HBG) in Troisdorf / Germany, the winner of the German championships in the RoboCup Junior contest.

Team "Matrix" to take part in world championships in Sydney (German page)

RoboCup German open 2019

Members of Team Matrix

15 May 2019

Last Minute: Austria's only trade fair for industrial automation is taking place in Linz from 14 - 16 May 2019. At the stand of our sales partner Gogatec GmbH in hall DC, stand 422, you can get more information about I/O modules from MicroControl. We look forward to meeting you!

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Logo Smart Automation Austria

26 April 2019

Mining, underground engineering, crane technology and more: get information about our references here

Overview of MicroControl references

impressions bauma 2019

Logo bauma 2019

11 April 2019

Hightlighted at bauma 2019 in Munich:

Reliable transmission of measurement data with CANopen (user report PDF)

Mining truck Liebherr with BOX modules from MicroControl

14 March 2019

MicroControl is highlighting CANopen I/O modules with FD functionality at the bauma 2019, hall A2, stand 337. We look forward to meeting you!

Read the current article in development scout

Top-hat rail module SNAP from MicroControl with Icon FD ready

11 March 2019

The general assembly of the CAN in Automation (CiA): Uwe Koppe, MicroControl, will continue as technical director

Board of directors re-elected

Neuer Vorstand 2019 der CAN in Automation (CiA)

20 February 2019

New at the embedded world in Nuremberg: protocol stacks with advantageous features.

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Icon FD ready MicroControl

14 January 2019

Let's go: the MicroControl team is in the wings for the embedded world in Nuremberg. Our highlights at the trade show - among others - are:

Protocol stacks with advantageous features

View of  beer coasters embedded world 2019

23 November 2018

At this year's SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg MicroControl is again presenting an interesting programme: NEW - I/O modules with CAN FD! And: conceptional design, development and series production from one source!

For further information please refer to our new press releases:

Première at the SPS IPC Drives 2018: CANopen I/O Modules FDready

CiA Newsletter: CANopen FD I/O Modules

Individual Solutions for MSR, BUS, Control Technology: from conception to series production

Top-hat rail module SNAP from MicroControl with Icon FD ready

29 October 2018

MicroControl realisizes your integrated hardware and software solutions which will offer sustainable and uncompromising solutions to your specific problem:

Conceptual design, development and series production from one source

More about projects realized so far

Engineering services MicroControl, picture of I/O board

10 October 2018

Are you FD ready? MicroControl on the home straight to the

SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg from 27 - 29 November 2018

Person holding MicroControl beer mats with FD ready imprint for the SPS IPC Drives 2018

31 August 2018

Now available: the new CANopen FD Master library for our control system µMIC.200 now also supporting J1939.

MicroControl control unit µMIC.200 connected to I/O rail modules SNAP via CAN bus

14 August 2018

Do you know the option Safety for our CANopen protocol stacks? The functional expansion for our CANopen Master and Slave protocol stacks according to European standards EN50325-4 and EN50325-5 is now available!

For more information about CANopen Safety please click here

Illustration of MicroControl's modular structure, Lego bricks symbolizing MicroControl protocol stacks CAN, CANopen, J1939, EtherCAT

17 July 2018

New in our download area: the updated manual for MicroControl's 4-channel analogue output module µ

4-channel analogue output voltage / current - µ

MicroCotnrol I/O module SNAP 4 channel analogue output, open casing on top-hat rail

04 July 2018

Now available: updates for all CAN protocol stacks CANopen Master, CANopen Slave, CANopen Bootloader and J1939.

Find further information about our CAN protocol stacks here.

Picture of Lego bricks symbolizing modular structure

06 June 2018

The new generation of I/O modules from MicroControl will define future standards.

Read more in the latest edition of the German PC&Industrie magazine (no Engl. version available)

Image of new generation of BOX modules

22 May 2018

Intercultural business exchange: A group of young managers from Tunesia visited MicroControl as part of an international training and exchange programme organized by the TÜV Rheinland Akademie, Berlin / Germany.

08 May 2018

Discover our I/O modules at the Smart Automationi Austria

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Logo of Smart Automation Austria

27 April 2018

Definition and implementation of optimized protocol stacks made simple:

The MicroControl Code Generator

Read more in the latest newsletter of CAN in Automation (CiA)

Screenshot of code generator

10 April 2018

STMicroelectronics and MicroControl form an excellent team:

High performance solutions for industrial automation

Logo of ST partner program

09 March 2018

Incumbent board of directors of CAN in Automation (CiA) confirmed in office

For more information please read the latest press release of the CiA

Photo of CiA board of directors

21 February 2018

New I/O modules define future standard

Up to 50 % more speed at 50 % reduced power consumption

Diagram of consistent hardware and software platform of I/O modules

01 February 2018

Discover the new generation of I/O module at our stands at the embedded world and all about automation friedrichshafen. We look forward to meet you!

Exhibition embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg

Exhibition all about automation friedrichshafen 2018

Picture of beer mat, logos and beer glasses

23 January 2018

Freely programmable Linux control system µMIC.200.

Read more about the µMIC.200 in our newsletter.

Picture of µMIC.200

05 January 2018

Plan your activities 2018 now:

Intensive Workshops on BUS technology



Picture Intensive workshops

08 December 2017

An interesting trade show closed its gates. Thank you for your visit!

Impressions SPS IPC Drives 2017

Stand at the SPS IPC Drives 2017 with visitors

07 November 2017

Flexible and future-proof controls units at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg.

Let's raise our glasses to 20 years of MicroControl!

For further information please refer to our latest newsletter

15 September 2017

µMIC.200: versatile range of applications due to free configuration

Freely programmable Linux control system for various purposes (elektrotechnik online, available in German only)

Automation Controller µMIC.200

04 September 2017

The future of CANopen  FD - what are the prospects of this new technology?

Read the interview of CAN in Automation GmbH (CiA) and Uwe Koppe (CEO of MicroControl and technical director of the CiA)



Photo of Uwe Koppe

30 August 2017

I/O Module for harshest environments:

µCAN-BOX modules for challenging conditions



Picture of µCAN-BOX module in harsh environment - here covered in dust and sand in a haul truck

24 July 2017

MicroControl's summer special: Starter kit µMIC.200 for € 499.00, until 31 July 2017.

For more detailed information please refer to our latest newsletter


More information about the µMIC.200 is available in our new blog post (in German):

µMIC.200 - Programme automatisch starten


CAN Newsletter online of the user organization CAN in Automation (CiA)

DIN-rail mountable unit runs Linux



Logo CAN in Automation (CiA) member MicroControl
MicroControl's starter kit with control unit µMIC.200 and digital I/O module

06 July 2017

A good mix of theory and practice: introduction to programming a control system.

Workshop µMIC.200

Impressions of workshop on 4 July 2017 at MicroControl's

23 June 2017

Summer special for our summer workshop "Programming a control system": starter kit Automation Controller until 31 July 2017

Special offer: starter kit µMIC.200 for € 499,00

31 May 2017

It is time again for our summer workshops: 

Introduction to programming the Automation Controller µMIC.200

9 May 2017

Visit us at the stand of our sales partner Gogatec at the Smart Automation in Linz (Austria) from 16 - 18 May 2017

A new generation of I/O modules at the Smart Automation, Austria

Logo Smart Automation Austria

20 March 2017

3 days, more than 1000 exhibitors and about 30,000 visitors: once again the embedded world was a great success.

Impressions embedded world 2017

a barrel of beer at the stand

17th March 2017

General assembly 2017 at CAN in Automation (CiA)

The associations’ members elected the board of directors

CiA General assembly 2017

10th March 2017

New generation of protocol stacks now available:

NEW: Future-proof Protocol stacks

Illustration of MicroControl's modular structure, Lego bricks symbolizing MicroControl protocol stacks CAN, CANopen, J1939, EtherCAT

15th February 2017

From CAN Classic to CAN FD: MicroControl opens prospects.

Simply switch over. You decide.

Graphical representation of switching from CAN Classic to CAN FD

23rd January 2017

Have you planned your activities in 2017, yet?

View all workshop 2017 here

Image of sketch symbolizing intensive workshops CAN, CANopen, J1939, EtherCAT

12th January 2017

We are very pleased to present:

our new beer mats for the Embedded World 2017

30th November 2016

New stand design was presented at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg:

Many thanks for your visit!

Picture of new stand

05th Oktober 2016

PFLITSCH cable glands in MicroControl modules:

Safely on the move on the CAN bus

Module with cable glands

28th September 2016

MicroControl continues to support future engineers

The robotics team DTVM heading for success (German)

Winners of the German Championships in Magdeburg 2015

7th September 2016

Available from 1st October: starter kit Automation Controller µMIC.200.

Benefit from our favourable introductory offer until 24th September 2016.

Read more in our press release.

Read also at CAN Newsletter online.

Picture starter kit Automation Controller µMIC.200

29th July 2016

Now available: your free season ticket to the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg

Register now using your personal registration code

11th July 2016

It's summertime: enjoy the sun - and the opportunity to improve future prospects.

All-day, free of charge workshop (in German) on 30th August 2016 in Troisdorf.

Read also at CAN Newsletter Online

Dates and information

photo of µMIC.200 automation controller

19th April 2016

The world's leading trade fair bauma is the global platform for experts in equipment, machinery and vehicles for construction and mining industry is over.

Thank you for having visited us at our stand in Munich!

BOX module used in a concrete pump

16th June 2016

Rollout of G16e: Formula Student Team of UAS Bonn-Rhein-Sieg present their new runabout

On the fast lane: MicroControl supports Formula Student Team of UAS by holding workshops

Race car of the formula student team, UAS Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

15th April 2016

New in developmentscout - high performance control system for challenging environments:

Due to its robust design particularly suitable for construction machinery and mining vehicles

Picture of Automation Controller µMIC.200

23rd March 2016

MicroControl at bauma 2016 - Your partner in construction machinery, mining and individual solutions:

Significantly enhanced portfolio for construction machinery an mining vehicles

For the first time: Automation controller µMIC.200 at the bauma



Logo bauma 2016

3rd March 2016

A rush of visitors at our stand in Nuremberg:

Our new team member stood the test at the embedded world 2016

Mr Rogalski

February 19th 2016

Made in Germany with almost 20 years of expertise:

Individualized components for uncompromising solutions

Development hardware and software

January 26th 2016

For beginners and advanced learners: Intensive workshops BUS technology

To plan your schedule 2016: overview of our workshop

Workshop schedule 2016

December 16th 2015

IEC 61131 compliant version available for Automation Controller µMIC.200

Sales cooperation agreed: logi.cals and MicroControl join forces

Combining hardware and software (CiA, CAN in Automation newsletter)



Cooperation MicroControl and logi.cals

December 3rd 2015

A fresh breeze in your machines - a review of the sps ipc drives in Nuremberg

Great interest in our stand: the new µMIC.200, fresh beer and attentive staff

Stand MicroControl sps ipc drives 2015

October 14th 2015

Preliminary Notification for SPS IPC Drives 2015

The Automation Controller can do more than standard control systems!

Automation Controller µMIC.200

September 30th 2015

In partnership with our customers"

MicroControl's quality seal is a symbol of "Fair partnership"

Read more about our fair partnership policy
Logo Fair Partnership

September 17th 2015

Learn more about the XMC microcontroller family: Infineon invites you

XMC Developer Day

Logo Infineon

August 24th 2015

Planned for a long time and now successfully brought together: MicroControl and Elektor join to organize CAN workshops

In cooperation with Elektor Verlag GmbH

45 jears Elektor Verlag GmbH logo

August 10th 2015

Get your voucher for free admission to the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg from 25th - 27th November 2015!

Voucher SPS IPC Drives 2015

Logo spc ipc drives

June 1st 2015

We look forward to meeting your at the Mobile Machine Control Conference in Nuremberg!

Uwe Koppe, MicroControl presents new trends in CANopen FD

Logo MMC

09th March 2015

Presented for the first time at this year's embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg:

Protocol stack CANopen FD

Protocol stack CANopen FD

December 19th 2014

µCAN-BOX module withstands involuntary heat test.
Machine burnt down, hardware still working!

Maschine abgebrannt - Hardware intakt

December 11th 2014

Jürgen Sturm of Trowista, responsible for economic development, presents the Troisdorf welcome package, together with an alder tree which has been planted on the new company premises.

Microcontrol receives welcome package

December 3rd 2014

Première a great success: new range of services, new control system, new stand and a lot of visitors

Résumé of SPS/IPC/Drives 2014

December 2nd 2014

Just arrived: our new wall calendar 2015 containing dates of important trade shows and workshops.

Wall calendar 2015

November 19th 2014

Première at MicroControl: new range of services, new control system and new stand. We look forward to seeing you at the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg!

The innovative control system for highest demands

February 10th 2014

CAN driver source code "CANpie" saves more than development time: Presentation at embedded world 2014 in Nuremberg

Embedded systems networking set for the future

June15th 2013

Review Mobile Machine Conference at CAN in Automation (CiA) in Nuremberg

Configuring and monitoring CANopen devices in mobile applications

Combining CANopen and SAE J1939 networks

Logo MMC

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